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Reviews on our handcrafted, powerfully scented, long lasting soy candles from previous buyers!
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Balsam Fir and Cedar Soy Candle
Caroline Buckley rossi

Just loved the gorgeous smells

Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior, Cthulhu?

Like all of Beowulf's candles - I love it! Got this and a Dragonfire candle for myself for Festivus.. This is my 2nd Cthulhu Prayer Candle and it won't be my last! The overall quality is Excellent - Scent, Color, and Product Designs! Black Amber & Bergamot is a great, mysterious description that's hard to pin down.. The visual effect of the candle burning and shining through the artwork design is Awesome and Inspiring! Really hope to see more original designs like this and Year Of The Rat! 2022 is Year Of The Tiger! Its Not too late, Beowulf Co.! Shout out to Robbie who provides awesome customer service!


Like all of Beowulf's candles - I love it! Got this and a Cthulhu Prayer candle for myself for Festivus.. The overall quality is Excellent - Scent, Color, and Product Designs! Burnt Oak & Orange is the perfect scent description. Pure and Strong, it really helps cover up my smelly dog lol..

Amazing candles

I ordered 2 large candles for my husband for Christmas and he loves them! They smell amazing and the quality is terrific. There was a slight mix up with the post office, but Robbie called me and fixed the problem for me right away! Great service and great candles. I recommend these guys to anyone!

woot woot!!!!

Very nice people and such fun candles!!!!

Very lightly sweet and rich scent

Burned for hours and smells incredible within 20 minutes in a room. Likely to be one of my favorites and is so far.

Fresh Citrus and Berry Soy Candle
Kristin RIchards
Fresh and light scent for summer

I love the this lighter scent for summer. It fills the room without being overpowering. Highly recommend

Apricot Magnolia Soy Candle

Fresh Citrus and Berry Soy Candle
Mary Bea Johnson
Best and most long lasting candles ever!

I love that I burned a candle on Sun for a couple of hours in bathroom and now 2 days later I can still smell it!


The candle is great quality and the scent is really good and not over powering (coming from someone who generally avoids scented candles). It came with a handwritten note that had an adorable drawing of Cthulu, which made the purchase feel extra special and personal. Last but not least all the packaging was paper (no bubblewrap!) So everything is recyclable, which wasn't expected but very much appreciated. 10/10 would recommend and definitely plan to shop with them again :)

Great candle

Very good Christmas/evergreen scent. Will fill up your entire house with this amazing scent.

Great scent

Great scent the magnolia really comes through.

Smells mysterious, just like Cthulhu.

The only reason I'm not giving it five stars is that when it first arrived it was broken. I told them and they quickly sent another one, no questions asked. Their customer service was really nice. The artwork is beautiful and it smells great.

Hail Cthulhu

It’s very cute & smells great! Got it for a friends birthday and I just know he’ll love it too, and the note & doddle are just adorable, thank you!

Apple Tree Soy Candle
Alyssa Duckworth
The perfect apple spice candle

This candle has the perfect apple spice scent. It smells like apple pie to me, but it doesn't overstep its boundaries into a weird, food scented candle. This is an excellent scent for fall and winter, but it's subtle enough that I feel it can be burned in the summer or spring as well. That's the best thing about these Beowulf candles - they aren't unbearably potent like those horrible candles you get from Yankee or Walmart. Also, they are not made from paraffin wax which is an added bonus. 10 out of 10!

Fresh Lilac Soy Candle
Alyssa Duckworth
Excellent scent and longevity!

I received the 16oz lilac candle as a gift and it was a perfect fit for my candle preferences. I am typically hard to please with candles as I have pretty high standards and am very picky about scents. I don't normally find myself drawn to floral smells, but this candle doesn't overperform like most other flowery candles do. This candle lived on my guest bathroom sink and burned for many hours anytime I had guests over. It never failed to create a homey yet clean aroma there, and it gently wafted out into the hallway just far enough that it could be enjoyed subtly from the living room. I give this candle a 10 out of 10 for scent, potency level, and burn time. Well done, Beowulf!

Only buy Beowulf

Beowulf has the best candles!

Definitely buying another

It came very well packaged and the customer service was outstanding. I've never ordered a prayer candle before but I'll be buying more of these soon :)

Excellent Service and Great Quality!

I ordered the Cthulhu 7-Day Prayer Candle for my boyfriend's birthday and he absolutely loved it! I had a couple of questions prior to ordering and Beowulf's team was quick to respond and very helpful. Shipping was prompt. Overall I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend ordering from this company!

Fresh Citrus and Berry Soy Candle
Mataline Hall

My son had one of their candles and told me about them. I had to order and glad I did. These candles smell wonderful. I can’t wait to try a different scent

These candles transport me...

I love these candles so much. There is no way to overstate how amazing they are. When I light them, they instantly transport me to another time and place. They are not overpowering, but just right as they immerse my memories and soul into the vast pool of experiences I have accumulated in my wild ride of life. Did I mention that I love them so much? I do. :) The owners are always gracious and kind. You will not find better folks. Even in these uncertain times, they delivered quickly and communicated every step of the way. I've never had a problem with an order, but I am 100% certain they would find a way to make it right if I had. Buy these little time machines made of wax and love...You won't regret it!

Beautiful high quality candle

Beowulf really does make the best candles. They are slow and steady on the burn and the scents are great. The artwork and jars themselves add elegance to any room. These are just all around lovely candles. And this burnt oak and orange scent is one of my favorites.

Beautiful Blend

I've been burning this candle since I got it. It's a nicely balanced mixture of fruity and clean notes, and the 16 oz jar really fills my whole apartment. 5 stars!

Great smelling candle!

I love citrus candles and this one smells very strong and bright!

Fresh Citrus and Berry Soy Candle
Hannah Gottschalk
The BEST candles!

We first discovered Beowulf candles at thw Bentonville Farmers Market, and we loved to stop and smell all of the lovely scents. When we recently moved out of state and burned through all of our favorite candles we ordered another Valkyrie candle online so we wouldn’t have to be without!