2020 Year of the Metal Rat - Celebration Candle
2020 Year of the Metal Rat - Celebration Candle
2020 Year of the Metal Rat - Celebration Candle

2020 Year of the Metal Rat - Celebration Candle

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2020 is the Year of the Metal Rat!  If you're looking for something a little different than the "cute" rats featured on Google and everywhere else, check out our new design featuring a diesel-punk rat with an attitude.  We call it Rat Deco.

Show off your style and ring in a prosperous new year with unique "Roaring 20s" inspired artwork and the fresh scents of Orange Blossom and Vanilla Bean.  

The label features see-through details that glow with fire as the candle burns down. 

Product Features:

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- This scented candle will fill a room with strong fragrance in minutes with a refreshing blend of Orange Blossom and Vanilla Bean.  

- Also available unscented.

- 100% Natural Soy Wax burns cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin candles.

- 60+ Hours of Burn Time.

- Dimensions: 8.13 inches high by 2.31 inches thicc.

- Made by hand in the USA.  

- Ships within 3 business days.

- Money back guarantee if you don't love it.  



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great smelling candle!

I love citrus candles and this one smells very strong and bright!

Unexpectedly Pleasurable

It isn’t that I planned on liking this candle that much, it just sort of happened. A buddy sent me the link because I am a Rat (born the year of the rat) and he said “it’s metal like you are.” I’m metal because I choose to be metal. I’m about that life. So I buy the damn thing because obviously. I forget about it, digital money is easy to spend. It shows up at my house a few days later. I light the damn thing. I forget about it, because I’m not exactly a candle-man.

Anyway, it’s my week to have the dog, so my ex-wife brings it by. We’re good, it was a rough patch in life and she jumped ship but we still have that thing you know. So she drops off Hetfield who always freaks out. But being that he’s a Pointer, he sees the candle, dashes over and points at the damn thing. Owning a Pointer is the best — it never gets boring. The ex-wife comes in says “what’s he pointing at, is that a candle?” It is. We talk. Things happen.

Now I f****** like this candle.

I light it every time it’s my turn to have the dog. You know... for good luck.